What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.
What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.

Welcome to Collis and Collis Limited


At Collis and Collis we believe in balance, but sometimes things are stacked against you either as an individual or as a business. Whether it be Mediation, Interim Management or Negotiation Collis and Collis are here to help you shift the balance in your favour.


We look after and support from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects, from individuals, small and medium-sized businesses right up to large corporations. Our goal is to provide integrated, sustainable solutions in every challenge your company may face.



What makes us different?


  • Over 180 successfully delivered Mediations
  • 20+ years commercial experience
  • Experts in Relationship Management
  • Build and maintain effective business relationships
  • Negotiation experts (training available)
  • Drive to help others succeed


You will see that the areas we operate in are all linked by people interaction, whether it be Mediation or Negotiation they are based on similar principles, the real difference for you; is us and the fact that we enjoy our work and every aspect of our professional working lives. And we really are very good.




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